In 1958 the American Medical Association (AMA) accepted Clinical Hypnosis as an adjunct to standard medical care. The AMA recommended that hypnosis instruction be included in the curricula of medical schools and in post graduate  training centers. In 1961 the AMA recommended a minimum of 108 hours of training in hypnotherapy for students physicians and medical doctors. Still hypnosis is one of the most misunderstood adjuncts to standard medical care. According to s survey published in 1996 issue of the American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis the majority or 79% of the interviewed physicians and 67% of residents had no prior training in hypnosis and even fewer experienced clinical hypnosis. The good news is that 85% of these practitioners experienced an interest in hypnosis education.

Understandably,  if your physician or therapist does not mention hypnosis as an adjunct to your medical care, it is because he or she may lack sufficient  knowledge or training in this specialized field. In addition hypnotherapy sessions and individualized instruction for the  patient in self hypnosis takes time and perhaps prohibit your physician from incorporating hypnosis in  the overall treatment of your condition. Your physician has the discretion to refer you to a Clinical Hypnotherapist and you the patient have the right to ask your physician to refer you to a Hypnotherapist. 

If your physician is unfamiliar with Hypnotherapy or if you are a physician who would like more information concerning Hypnotherapy-Please contact us and a representative will gladly visit with you to discuss the benefits of hypnotherapy, and how to assist your patients to heal or improve their quality of life.. 

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